Three ordinary lads on an extraordinary adventure

10,000 miles across 1/2 of the world

In an old 1.0 litre box of turd


The Mongol Rally is a test of skill, knowledge, enthusiasm and frankly… pure stupidity. The Rally is an annual event which sees teams from around the world driving from Europe to Ulaanbaatar, the capital Mongolia in order to raise much needed funds for charities close to the hearts of ralliers.


The Rally not only involves the Team travelling over 10,000 miles across 20 separate countries, there are also a number of “unusual” rules.


These are:


  1. Rally vehicles must be “small and sh*t”. Engines can be no larger than 1.0L (they will generously allow 1.2 but technically a Mongol Rally car should be a maximum of 1.0L), and vehicles should cost less than £500.

  2. All teams must be totally unsupported. No back-up car, no support team… just the team and the wide open road.

  3. Save the world. All teams must raise a minimum of £1,000 each for charity. We aim to raise £3,000 (please follow links to donate)


Three pals from the University of Reading with a shared love of adventure
George Goucher


George is in his final year of studying Real Estate at the University of Reading. When not studying (which is most of the time), George can be found thrashing round race tracks competing in the Tricolore Trophy French car series, creating YouTube videos and closing the M5 when his caravan that he shares with Rupert and a few friends falls apart on the motorway. Thirsty for risk and adventure, we’ll all be surprised if George makes it home in one piece, especially as he's driving back as well!



Mechanical Skills: “Cars should be treated like girlfriends – just ignore the whining”

Driving Ability: “The Ayrton Senna of Bromsgrove”

Map Reading Skills: “I’ll be fine as long as I get Google Maps”

Organisation: “What’s a list?”

Claim to Fame: 1.4 million views on a YouTube video and followed by Lewis Hamilton on Twitter.

Rupert Harris


Unlike George and Jake, Rupert is in fact studying a proper degree - Building Surveying. When not struggling to complete his degree, Rupert can be found faffing with his unreliable and troublesome 1970 Series 2a Land Rover. As a lad who loves lists, Rupert is keeping himself busy on Excel prior to the Team’s departure.


Mechanical Skills: “ooohhhh… that sounds like the flux capacitor has packed up”

Driving Ability: “Did you know I have PassPlus?”

Map Reading Skills: “Can you buy an Ordinance Survey map of Azerbaijan?”

Organisation: “The king of lists”

Claim to Fame: Featured on a #1 chart topping album…

Jake Dixon

Similarly to George, Jake is in his final year of studying Real Estate at the University of Reading. An enthusiastic sailor, when not at university Jake can be found taking his boat out around the waters of his hometown Poole. Having previously sailed across the Atlantic, Jake’s nautical experience will be invaluable when booking the Team a ferry to cross the English Channel!




Mechanical Skills: “I honestly don’t think I’ve ever even changed a wheel”

Driving Ability: “I drive like a granny because I'm never in a rush”

Map Reading Skills: “Learnt to navigate by stars when crossing the Atlantic”

Organisation: “I’m definitely more organised than George”

Claim to Fame: He may have briefly mentioned already that he’s sailed across the Atlantic.




Cool Earth is the chosen charity of The Adventurists. Cool Earth is the non-profit organisation that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and climate change. As we'll be burning a few fossil fuels on the way to Mongolia, it's nice to try and undo some of our damages.

The Emily Jordan Foundation (EJF) – was set up by Emily's family and friends after she died in April 2008 when on holiday. Emily understood the difficulties that people with disabilities face both socially and when trying to gain employment. Emily helped to set up Spokes which became a registered charity, so the development of the Emily Jordan foundation was the next logical step to continue with her good work.

As a legacy to her, EJF continues to fundraise to support the work of Spokes, Twigs and Wood-Works who provide opportunities for people with moderate learning and physical disabilities to participate in a manufacturing environment to develop their skills in the workplace.

Nathan Tomkins was a friend of George's who he met through Young Farmers. The Nathan Tomkins Trust was launched on the 2nd September 2017 at the Nath Rox Ball at Hollybeds Farm, Worcestershire, after Nathan very sadly ended his own life in 2016 at just 22 years old. The main purpose of Nathan’s Trust is to keep Nathan’s memory alive. The Trust is doing this through a series of annual events and sporting challenges, raising money to support clubs, groups and societies that support the rural youth across Worcestershire and surrounding areas to raise awareness and support of Mental Health Illnesses.

Mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety are hidden illnesses that carry an unwarranted stigma and affect far more people than we realise.  The attached stigma makes it very difficult for people to talk about, especially in young men and without a higher level of awareness or support in the general population it can prove fatal.  Nathan obviously thought that he had no other way out.  The Trust hopes that through raising awareness among the youth of tomorrow, that those in Nathan’s position can recognise the signs and are not afraid to find or ask for the help they need.


  • Jemca Car Group’s core business and heritage is its Toyota franchises. The group currently has 7 Toyota and 4 Lexus state of the art retail, body-shop and servicing centres. Based solely in the UK with a network of dealerships spanning throughout London, Jemca Toyota is here to help you meet your motoring needs.


  • We will be utilising all of Toyota Jemca Car Group’s skills and expertise to help our recently acquired 1999 Toyota Yaris, lovingly nicknamed “Calvin Yaris”, survive the torturous roads to Mongolia.


  • A huge thank you to the Jemca team for not only the ongoing help, advice and solutions they have been able to give but for also generously supporting our chosen charities.

Visit their website:

  • Kustom Clothing deal with printing and embroidery of T-shirts, polo-shirts, hoodies, charity running vests, running t-shirts. Their helpful team will be able to assist you with any of your embroidery and printing needs. Their longstanding and close relationships with their suppliers will mean that you get clothing at some of the best prices in the UK.

  • Kustom Clothing have been great at supporting our needs in not only producing various team t-shirts but also sponsor t-shirts for our top charity donors.

Visit their website:

  • Crown of London is a new and upcoming brand that offers stunning traditional and minimalistic timepieces for a transparent and very reasonable price. All of their watches are made with the customer in mind, shaping their style to every occasion.  They believe that superb style doesn't have to break the bank.

  • Crown of London Watches will be helping us keep track of time on our 52 day trip.

Visit their website:

  • Will Hire Ltd is a Tool and Equipment Hire Company specialising in Access Equipment, Plant, and Tool Hire. The company is based in Lye in the Stourbridge area of the Midlands (UK) and services the Construction and Engineering Sectors together with the DIY Enthusiasts.​

  • Make sure to visit for all your plant and tool hire needs. Thank you for the donation!

RunFlat International is the leading independent manufacturer of military and security runflat systems, high load wheels and beadlocks.

Runflat international have provided us with 4 new tyres to use as spares when the terrain gets tougher in central and northern Asia

Speedfix Garage is a mobile car repair and maintenance garage who deal with all mechanical problems. Speaking from personal experience I would highly recommend Hubert at Speedfix.

Speedfix Garage have provided our roof rack free of charge.

Speedfix Garage is a mobile car repair and maintenance garage who deal with all mechanical problems. Speaking from personal experience I would highly recommend Hubert at Speedfix.

Speedfix Garage have provided our roof rack free of charge.

Exclusive Gym specialise in HIIT and 1 on 1 personal training, based in Worcestershire.

Exclusive Gym have made a substantial donation to the charities of our choice.

Pivotal Homes provides specialist accommodation for vulnerable adults. Their ethos of doing more good for more people resonates our own philanthropic approach.

Pivotal Homes have made a substantial donation to the charities of our choice.


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